Online Team Building using Minecraft

We offer an intensive Online Team Building Workshop to facilitate your success in the global workspace.

​If you have employees sitting in teams around the globe and you want to improve their online skills and let them have a great and fun day, then this course is for you. Online collaboration consists of many factors but basically it is all about people and tools. Both of these are important and will be addressed. We will be using Skype (or another online communication tool of your choosing) and Minecraft. Yes! You heard correct. Minecraft! Just like the kids. We will also be writing in the same documents simultaneously. Minecraft is a great tool and not only for “gaming”. It is online “Lego” and we are using it to make your online teams improve and have a fun day.

The workshop takes about 4 hours. Prior to the workshop, we also offer participants 1-on-1 sessions on the tools we are going to be using during the seminar. This to make sure that the tools are not hindering participation and learning. In general, WROFF is offering online education on many subjects and levels.

The number of participants might be as big as you choose. 50 participants is no problem.

​We enter Minecraft and you will be given a short introduction. Then we separate into groups of about 10 people or less. Each group has its own communication channel and instructor.

Each group will be given assignment(s) that will be evaluated at the end of the workshop. These assignments may include construction, solving queries and collaborative writing.

After being in groups, we all meet again and each group will report back on what they have been doing and will be evaluated. The instructors and administrator will select the winner. The prize is for you to decide.

​All workshops will be tailored to your specific needs. Just contact us for more information.

Strict discipline is required during the workshop and all must listen to the instructors. Back to childhood and having a strict tutor!