We tutor online at all levels, from school kids to business professionals. We offer all topics and we are constantly looking for new great online tutors. You may be sitting in Iceland and having a tutor from Norway or Brazil. We promote education across borders.

Magnus is learning English and Math online with Shae from Jamaica. He says:

“I enjoy learning English with my Tutor Shae. She teaches me very well.

​She speaks clearly and slowly, and she is very patient with me and makes sure I understand her. ​I have my teacher’s attention just on me.”

​Magnus, Denmark. Age 10

Minecraft is the secret ingredient that makes children love education. Try learning conversational English using the fantastic Minecraft. We use our own secure servers and realms where your children can be creative with their language tutor. It is all about dialogue and we encourage the students to talk 80% of the time.

We construct and talk about the components and structures that we build.

Try it