Oscar Rambao Gronbaek and Skateboarding!

Mind and Body goes hand in hand.

Skateboarding is not only a sport, it is also mental strength.

Being able to visualize the tricks in your mind is a skill one can develop.

Applying it in reality is another. It should be 50% body and 50% mind.

Meet Oscar Grønbæk, a great skater with a name. Back in the late 90’s, he became so popular that at the mere mention of his name, many skating enthusiasts will recall how great he was.

A little background

At an early age of 9, Oscar, discovered skateboarding in his school "Bernadotteskolen" where some boys from the major classes skated. He thought it so fun and cool. He was then sponsored by Ali because of his great skill and talent in skateboarding.

That led him to star in a television program called “Wonder kids.” Indeed he was up to such a show because he was showcased as one of the children who had extraordinary skating abilities. At this very young age, because he was really above par, he not only won several competitions, but all competitions for children in his category. Soon it was decided that he would no longer be able to join the future competitions in order to give others a chance to win a position or title.


Oscar Grønbæk has signed up with WROFF online tutorials to share some tips and tricks in skateboarding. His comeback is no longer as a competitor but as a great tutor and mentor which he is willing to share with the younger generation. He can speak both Danish and English. So, everyone is welcome. Be lucky and have a personal encounter with him.

As a student you will be be able to apply the tips and tricks between sessions and when you meet again you can evaluate your progress with your friends and Oscar online. We will be talking about tips and tricks. We will then evaluate videos created by the students and assist them in identifying how and what to improve. He is in for a great comeback!

Here at WROFF education, we make great things happen. ​Mind and body goes hand in hand.

Enroll now in this special tutorial and join other skateboarding enthusiasts.

Learn from the man himself. -- Oscar Gronbaek.