Interactive and live guided tour

Go to locations you only have dreamt about. If your mobility is not good or travelling is too expensive, then this is a great way to tour the world.

The live guide is online with microphone and camera. You can ask questions and instruct the guide to zoom in on a detail. Perhaps you want to go to new places where the guide has not even been before. You are on-site but sitting at home. To some this creates a very strong feeling - being close but apart.

We use Skype for all our tours. Sit back, be prepared and ask away. You may do this on your own or as a group sitting apart with your own Skype. Contact us for more information.

King's New Square

Copenhagen, Denmark

Enghave Plads

Copenhagen, Denmark

CW Obels Plads

Aalborg, Denmark

London, UK

New York, USA

and many more

All locations have 4G or 5G high speed cellular mobile speed, giving you a great dialogue and visual experience.