Play Crayta with WROFF

Use this link: WROFF CRAYTA on Google Stadia (Select "PLAY ON STADIA")

To play you must have a free account on Google Stadia and accept the redirect.

Learn a language using Google Assistant

Listen and repeat sentences. We keep count of your score.

Do the following:

  1. Your phone must be configured correctly: Activate all the languages on your phone that you are using.

  2. Your Google Assistant must be configured correctly: Activate the language you want to practice in Google Assistant. Only have one language active in Google Assistant

  3. Click the language you want to practice.

    1. Learn English

    2. Learn German

    3. Learn Danish

  4. Then click on "Send to device" and select the device you will use for your language learning.

  5. Now you are learning

  6. After the learning, you should change the language back

Use your phone to set the language for your Google Assistant. Only one language!

Link to more help

The learning language must also be added to the top of your general phone settings.

Help for IphoneHelp for Android

Send the game to your Google Assistant / Phone

Enjoy learning and playing with WROFF

We are committed to develop games to improve your skills in languages, math and science - sometimes we combine the the subjects. Our games are based on dialog using natural language and they are specifically developed for Google Assistant. You play the games using your voice.