What is Dyslexia and how do we help in addressing this disorder? Dyslexia is a reading disorder and for some can be a learning disability. Despite the normal smart characteristics of a child, they can sometimes have trouble in reading. There are different degrees in assessing dyslexia.

​There are some who have difficulty in reading, pronunciation and comprehension. Both genetic and environmental factors can be the cause of this disorder. Parents should never blame themselves for this disability, simply because, once addressed and given help, their children can grow to become successful individuals. As some people say it is not laziness or lack of intelligence because there are indeed many successful people who are dyslexic. One is Steven Spielberg and another is Whoopi Goldberg. A lot of research has shown that using the right tools and essential teaching strategies can help boost your child’s confidence. With thorough research and studies, the world has come up with varied solutions for this disorder.

Individual tuition is one of them. By enrolling your child in any of WROFF's One on One online tutorials, your child will receive lessons that are tailored to fit the level of teaching. There is actually no limit to what a child can achieve when they benefit from tutorials and the best aids in education. WROFF offers alternative learning for your special child.