How do I sign up?

Just contact us and tell us what you would like and we will do our best help you. email:

Can I listen in to ongoing sessions?

Yes. Parents are responsible for their children and how they are using the internet. You can always participate in the sessions as a silent observer.

How long is a lesson?

One hour is 60 minutes.

How can I see how many hours I have been using?

All students have their own "Classroom" for each subject. This is an online folder with contact information, time sheets, and educational documents. The timesheet is updated with hours used and hours you have bought. Invoice number is shown in the timesheet. If you have not received a link to the folder you are welcome to send us an email at

When will I pay for the sessions? How do I pay for it?

We send you an invoice with payment details. Remember to inform the tutor 48 hours in advance if you will not be able to join a session. This apply for all types of sessions.

What online tools are used during sessions?

We use Google Classroom combined with Skype for elementary and high school students depending on the subject.

We may also us Skype for business.

Microsoft Office 365 and Google Drive is used for online writing and saving documents etc. We also use other online tools.

What are the WROFF goals?

Our primary goal is to coach and to train students in specific subjects, so that they will be academically and technically competent. We try to bring out the very best in each student and to explore and enhance their skills.

What makes WROFF different?

We tutor the WROFF way with the focus on human dialogue - not monologue. The student should talk 80% of the time.

The tutors are friendly and flexible when it comes to learning. It’s like having a discussion or conversation in the coffee shop.

I want to learn a different language or subject? What does WROFF offer?

We have tutors in all languages and subjects - and for all ages and levels. Contact us for more information.

What is the ideal time for your online sessions?

It will depend on the availability of the student and the tutor.

We are very flexible to your needs.