Create a Google Account with your existing email

  1. Go to Link

  2. Click on "Use my current email address instead"

Collaboration using Google Documents

The tutor and the student(s) type, read and comment on the same Google Document simultaneously. WROFF is all about dialogue and collaboration. The student must be active and talk 80% of the time.

How to attend the online WROFF Class

You should have received an invitation with the following information:

  1. Time and date of the session(s). We encourage using calendar invitations to eliminate time zone confusion.

  2. A link to a shared folder. In this shared folder all your tutoring material and contact data are stored.

  3. An invitation with a link to your online Class. Use this link when the session starts.

Google Meet / Microsoft Teams / ZOOM / Jitsi

We use different online tools to communicate online.

Microsoft Office 365 (*)

Students frequently use Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel at exams and when they are collaborating and delivering assignments. At WROFF, we tutor the subjects using the tools from Microsoft. Mastering the tools give you valuable extra time at exams - time you can use on improving your exam result. So, you will not have to spend valuable time on how to write a mathematical equation.

(*) The license must allow you to share and collaborate on documents created by WROFF. Some companies and institutions have implemented policies that only allow collaboration and document sharing with people in their own company or institution. Other policies may have been enforced. If you have questions please feel free to contact us at
We have created a test document. Use this link and edit the document. If you can edit the document in Word (not the online version) your license should be fine. (Link)

Timezone and invitations to sessions.

The tutor invites to the sessions using online calendars. Online Calendars, such as Google Calendar, show the correct timezone to all participants. Also, the student(s) and the tutor can create alerts. The tutor invites and the students must accept to confirm participation.

Protection of data

Students have an online folder on Google Drive with their documents.

Students using Microsoft Office 365 may have their documents in Microsoft OneDrive or Microsoft Teams

Get started with WROFF online education

  1. Student: The student accepts to be tutored by WROFF

  2. WROFF shares a Google Classroom with the student, tutor, and guardian. You will receive an invitation by email. The invitation might land in the Spam or Update folder.

  3. Student and Guardian: You must open the Google Classroom and validate contact data.

  4. Tutor: The tutor sends an email to the student and guardian to plan when to start and to identify any specific needs.

  5. Tutor: The tutor invites to the agreed sessions using the Google Calendar. Invite student(s) and Parent(s)/Guardians(s). Using Calendar invitations eliminate issues related to time zone and when sessions are planned. Invitations are created as recurring sessions with no end date.


We recommend that you have sessions on the same day and time each week. This makes planning and remembering easier.

Legal: All communication and work between parties of WROFF (parties are, but not limited to, clients and their affiliates and partners, students, freelancers, experts, tutors) must be approved by WROFF. must be CC'd or BCC'd on all email communication. All direct and/or indirect payments must go through WROFF and no payments directly between the parties are allowed. No party must use or share contact data without the written approval by WROFF. The above applies when working and/or serviced by WROFF and a period of two years after the job has ended. If you are a parent or guardian, you are responsible for your child’s or teenager’s use of WROFF products and services, including purchases. WROFF is not responsible for work, activities, or behavior by freelancers used by WROFF. Maximum liability by WROFF is 2.000 dkk. Our tutoring activities have a 48-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel less than 48 hours prior to your session, you must pay the full amount.