Learning a foreign language benefits a lot of people. The study and mastery of it increases social, linguistic, cognitive, academic and emotional development.

People's natural curiosity often makes them yearn to learn and understand the cultures and languages of other countries. They may be able to apply extra skills in the language they study and develop higher thinking skills. Their vocabulary becomes greater plus it also enhances listening skills. The best part is that people who know a lot of languages develop cognitive flexibility.

With regards to your workplace, you become marketable. People whose resumes show the wide array of language spoken will have an advantage.

If you are a person who travels much, riding planes and starting conversations will be a breeze when you know a lot of languages. You can make a lot of friends. Isn’t it a comfort to be sitting and chatting with some stranger and they know you speak their language?

Learning a language has mental and cognitive benefits. Did you know that speaking 2 or more languages boosts the brain activity?

3 benefits of learning a language:

      1. Multi–tasking skills are enhanced especially among older children as they become experts in switching systems of speech and structure. Their brain muscles adapt to their juggling skills.

      2. Perspective and Memory improves as it exercises the brain muscles and strengthens the mental muscle.

      3. English is improved as it draws to the mechanics of language as the focus, making you become a better communicator.