They say Spanish is one of the most important languages in the world.

It is the dominant language in the western Hemisphere. The Spanish Language is growing more rapidly than many languages around the world. It is the second largest native language within the United States. It is spoken in 22 countries around the globe.

This language dates back to before the spread of the Spanish Empire. The dominant version is now that of the Castilian Region of Spain known as “castellano.” Various regions of Spain each had their own recognisable version and still do especially in the southern areas. Some of the countries where Spanish has an official status are Easter Island, Canary Islands, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Panama, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, Guatamela, Chile and Columbia., just to mention a few, but there are a lot more countries who speak Spanish as their native language. With just 5 vowels, these vowels are present in more than 40,000 words in the Spanish Language. How amazing is that?

Spanish has many similiarities with French and Italian as they all belong to the group of languages known as the Romance languages. Make a choice to learn it. So why not learn another language here at WROFF Education?