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WROFF goals

You learn and have fun. Our sessions make you feel like you are in a haven of interesting teachers ​that promote creative thinking. The primary goal of WROFF is to coach and train you. We want to bring out the best in you with regards to thinking, discussing and learning. In the modern world, our teachers help students to think creatively and come up with solutions inventively.

WROFF learning approach

On the first meeting, the tutor identifies the level and needs of the student.

Structured lessons will be conducted on the succeeding lessons based on the assessment of the tutor.

​Enrollees who are in school have the option to parallel their learning with the topic they are discussing in class. They may also choose to take advance lessons which the tutor will lay out depending on their grade level. ​

WROFF learning of the mind

Students are given basic to challenging lessons that are designed towards achieving their learning objectives.

The online 1-on-1 approach provides students with the help they need by connecting them face to face with an expert teacher. This Individualised Learning Process is characterised by focusing on the student's needs and through relevant reinforced lessons.

This provides extensive and productive teaching because of the individualised interaction. We facilitate the course for the entire duration and we encourage discussions and feedback.