• Our online tutorials aim to really involve the student to have a clear grasp of learning.

      • ​It also applies to parents who are the first teacher in a child’s life.

      • Yes we tell them about sharing for example.

      • We TELL them by defining what “sharing” is by telling them words as explanation and definition.

      • Well then - they forget those unimportant words. They cannot even repeat the exact words you said.

      • We TEACH them how it is to share. We tell them it is good to share.

      • Yes they will be able to remember that they indeed shared.

      • They remembered the situation, the instance, the time and the place

      • and they will even remember what they shared. But what then?

      • Remembering is not really learning as people tend to forget.

      • What if we INVOLVE them? We literally bring them to the situation.

      • We urge them to share by being involved in the sharing method.

      • Empathizing them ... the LEARNING begins.


WROFF aims to involve students with internet teaching aids. The internet and websites are tools for learning through Online teaching. Our teachers are so diverse, they will literally go out of their way and use these tools to further explain to the students subjects they long to have an understanding for. The internet offers everything a student craves. All they have to have is an open mind.

Our brain is like a computer that can gather, store, pinpoint and respond to learning. Now it’s up to you to choose whether to use your brain to a certain extent or use it wisely as it is better than a computer! It cannot be hacked or spammed.

​Wisdom cannot be stolen from you.


Improve grades of your High School level children and reduce stress with guaranteed online One to One tutoring for a variety of subjects. Experience a different level of learning when you enroll in WROFF. See your children transform as they become more energized about learning. Let them put their energy with the discovery of knowledge. Better use those time with friendly online tutors than playing video games and surfing the net. There will be no other technique of learning that will come close to the outcome of WROFF tutorials.